Friday, April 15, 2016

Sleeping on the Side of a Mountain in Peru.

The Amazing Skylodge!

       Sleeping on the side of a mountain in a glass capsule is probably the last thing most sane people would want to do but then there is the rest of us.  The daredevils as some call us.  The "bucket list beasts" that see something cool and unusual and are drawn to it like a duck to water.  We are the ones that take the risks and share the cool pics that go along with it.  If you are scared of heights this is not the adventure for you and you may want to turn away now.  For the rest of us who see the badassery in a glass capsule on the side of a mountain as home for a  night, you can imagine just how I felt:

Not even half way up the mountain

My headboard in my bedroom of my capsule

Windows all around me

Train station about 1200 ft below

Breakfast on the top of the capsule

My Capsule!

Making my way down

Just hanging out on the side of the mountain

Time to Zipline our way down!

Cristian took great care of me!!!

     This is one of the rare occasions where you can spend a night on the side of a mountain on a bed that would put most 5 star hotels to shame and a 4 course  Peruvian meal that was both tasty and fulfilling and came with wine which is necessary after a climb like that one. I laid in my bed overlooking the mountain thinking how amazing it was that I accomplished such a feat and I couldn't be more excited that I did it.  I mean I climbed a mountain and slept in a glass capsule overlooking a river, a train station and trees.  How cool is that!!!   

Check out their site at: and ask for Cristian.  He was the best guide a person could have.  He stayed by my side the entire time and made sure I made it safely up and safely back down!

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